The Power of Commitment

I’d love you to reply and answer a question for me please. Pick one area of your life, choose from Body, Connections, Mindset or Business.

  • What are you currently struggling with?

I’ve been chatting to various friends, clients and peers recently about the various cycles we all go through.

Life is full of ups and downs. Ebbs and flows. Peaks and troughs.

I’d venture to say that most people on this planet believe life happens ‘to them’. Their mood and attitude probably get negatively affected by external circumstances outside their control.

Fewer people (in my opinion) on this planet see life’s unfolding events happening ‘for them’. They see challenges presented to them by external forces as opportunities to express their potential and be true to themselves in the process.

I’d love to claim to be in the minority here. Unfortunately, I’m a work-in-progress.

However, I’m acutely aware that my progress is fully within my control. And that’s a good feeling.

Almost 10 years ago, having worked hard with my coach around my own values (my top 3 values were Respect, Positivity and Camaraderie), I set about living them with greater intention.

Yet I soon found myself in a trough. I felt quite fed up, never mind positive.

Where was I going wrong?

I reflected on things, and I was doing okay at exhibiting my values to others. I was being true to myself in my interactions. The people that surrounded me were generally aligned with my values too.

So, what was missing?

I wasn’t exhibiting my values with myself.

I was making promises to myself that I wasn’t keeping. Quite simply, it didn’t matter who else I was respecting if I wasn’t respecting myself first.

So again, please reply and answer the question: what are you currently struggling with?

If you feel like answering another for me:

  • What is within your control, that you may currently be neglecting, that might be causing the struggle?

Thanks, once you’re aware of it, you can do something about it.