MyTRIPS adds the clarity and focus that your ambition needs

Prioritise what matters

Clarify Your Life and Work Priorities in 5 Days

Design your Ideal Future

Create a Blueprint for Future Success

Map and Track Success

Map your route and enjoy the journey

MyTRIPS consists of taking two personal development courses and joining one accountable community. You can choose how you complete your courses by accessing the framework in stages.

T stands for TIME

Take TIME to Prioritise what Matters - Clarify Your Life and Work Priorities in 5 Days

This steps covers the ‘T’ in the TRIPS Framework while you’ll also be introduced to the ‘R’ stage. In this step you will take the TIME to REFLECT on the life changes you want, then plan for a better future.

This stage has been designed to work around your life, not take over your life! Here’s how we do it:

  • Manageable Chunks – you complete one lesson per day over five days
  • Structure – each lesson includes a video introducing a topic and an exercise to complete
  • Accountability – you share/submit your insights and conclusions at the end of each day
  • Two formats – you can go it alone or take part in a like-minded group
  • Start as soon as you like
  • Work at your own pace
  • Submit your completed exercises to access the next stage
  • Be part of a like-minded group seeking the same clarity and conviction in their approach
  • Tap into the collective energy and accountability of the group
  • Join two live group coaching calls over the five days

R stands for REFLECT and I stands for IDEAL

Design Your Ideal Future – Create a Blueprint for Future Success

In this step you will REFLECT and plan your IDEAL future. Over four weeks, this course helps you understand more deeply what brought about your best experiences and results, personally and professionally, so that you can replicate them to shape a better future. Your dedication in this step gives you much more conviction and confidence going forward.

Over the 4 weeks we will review:

Identify, embed and stack productive daily habits

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” – Aristotle.

We’ll help you become aware of the automated patterns you’ve fallen into, and become more intentional about how you use your time and energy. We’ll help you identify what daily habits you choose to embed across the key areas of your life, which will:

  • be useful for you today and accelerate you towards your vision
  • stretch you out of your comfort zone without compromising you or your family in any way shape or form
  • be a matter of choice, not willpower

Align your strengths and skills with a meaningful goal to achieve peak performance

You’ll complete an online Strengths self-assessment and receive a Strengthscope® profile. We’ll help you identify the ‘triggers’ which knock you off course. Once you recognise the triggers, and the patterns that follows then you can be:

  • more intentional about using your strengths to reframe things, and to get you back on track sooner.
  • be more productive, enjoy working more, and connect better with those around you, be more resourceful and solutions focused.

Find out what’s truly important to you

Understanding your values is the final step in completing your personal blueprint of success, which acts as your GPS on your TRIPS ahead.

We’ll help you by looking at what ideas and constructs are hard-wired in the circuitry of your brain through your upbringing.

  • How have inherited ideas shaped your perspective on life and work?
  • Which ones serve you well today? Which limit you?
  • Which ones will you use to live your best life going forward?

Design your vision of your ideal future

Use your personal blueprint to project forward to a meaningful future point in your life.

  • Pick an important future date. What does ideal look like then?
  • What results do you want to create?
  • What’s important to you about these outcomes? 

Your vision can be like a compass setting, it gives you direction without prescribing where to turn and how to travel every step of the way.

P Stands for PLAN, S Stands for START

Map and Track Success - Map Your Route and Enjoy the Journey

In this step you will PLAN for the future and START new ways of working and thinking. You will also be invited* into the TRIPS community – your group of like-minded professionals. 

The community is a proven structure with accountability. It enables you to intentionally live your life with meaning, members enjoy the following:

There’ll be a strong emphasis on business and career goals for most members. However, we can’t sustain any such success without enjoying good health and energy, developing our mindset and nourishing our closest relationships. So, we’ll track all of them together.

*To protect the integrity of the community and its members, membership is by invitation only.