TRIPS™ – A proven framework

The TRIPS framework will help you navigate change and achieve more in your life, career and the teams you lead. It’s a powerful process that allows you to create a blueprint for long-term success, achieving an elevated experience in career and life with better performance and results. TRIPS has been uniquely developed and is built around a proven methodology, underpinned by the most recent advances in neuroscience and human-potential psychology.

We design programmes for leaders, teams and larger groups.

Against a backdrop of constant change, our programmes help you clarify, simplify and prioritise the many demands that business leaders are expected to fill today.

Using our proven and sustainable framework clients who commit to the process will improve performance, vitality, fulfilment and engagement at all levels.

And because these skills translate into your personal life, it means your family and friends as well as colleagues and clients will all benefit. 

Our clients include global brands in professional and financial services, leading-edge technology companies and indigenous SMEs in Ireland and the UK

The TRIPS™ Framework

TRIPS helps you zoom out, see the bigger picture and clarify your direction of travel. With a fresh and objective perspective, you then zoom back in and execute your own well-designed plan with conviction and purpose. 

TRIPS is an acronym, and here’s how and why it will work for you. 

Choose your TRIPS

MYTRIPS – For High-Performing Individuals

  • Discover the life changes you want, then plan for a better future
  • Surround yourself with a community of like-minded, growth-oriented people
  • Easily work your way through the TRIPS™ framework
  • Design a 90-day plan, aligned to your vision for long-term success
  • Create your own personal blueprint to enjoy more energised and fulfilled days success

TeamTRIPS – Converting High Performers into a High-Performing Team

  • We facilitate members to better understand themselves and each other
  • Your team can do this by:
    1. establishing genuine trust
    2. having real conversations about priorities
    3. committing to change as a team
    4. holding each other accountable
    5. reviewing results objectively

LeaderTRIPS – for established leaders who aspire to even greater success

  • Leadership starts with being a leader to yourself
  • If you’re not connecting with who you are and how to tap into your best self, it’s futile trying to tap into the best of others
  • Our Group Coaching programmes provide leaders the opportunity to establish a supportive cohort within their organisation
  • Sharing learnings from challenges and successes alike

Your life and career are a series of transitions.

How you lead yourself and others impacts your performance in work, your wellbeing and those closest to you. See your challenges as opportunities for growth and be at your best. This is your life. Live it to its best.