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Moving from Ego to Eco

The value placed upon the Team is increasing rapidly in thriving organisations. Why? Thriving organisations need to adapt to the rapidly changing demands of the

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Dealing with Desire

I was working from home last Tuesday afternoon following a couple of meetings in town. The meetings were arranged around breakfast and lunch. I was

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Jam on the Door Handle

As a working parent, I can find it fairly frustrating when our kids don’t do what I ask when they’re asked. It leads to unnecessary

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Tooling up for 2024

In this email, I share two classic and incredibly useful tools. They may even be more valuable today than before. Last week I wrote about

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The Power of Commitment

I’d love you to reply and answer a question for me please. Pick one area of your life, choose from Body, Connections, Mindset or Business.

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TRIPS Framework

Enjoy the TRIPS™ Ahead

THE POINT OF NO RETURN One afternoon in early 2013 I held my newborn daughter Edie. Like most first time dads, I felt the additional

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