Empower Your Potential, Enable Your Ambition and Elevate Your Performance - with TRIPS Tank™

How TRIPS Tank™ helps you achieve more

TRIPS Tank offers you elite-level coaching combined with a proven framework for success. Our TRIPS methodology is underpinned by the latest advances in neuroscience and human-potential psychology. 

TRIPS Tank’s approach has been tried and tested with hundreds of individual leaders and businesses worldwide. They also empower you to lead a more fulfilling, vibrant and purposeful life. And, we can help your teams become more collaborative and successful too.

Lead yourself and others to greater performance and results

When you lead yourself, your team or your organisation through any challenging period, there’s a lot to learn, digest and apply in real-time. We can help you tackle this transition effectively by empowering you to identify and bridge the gaps in your own blueprint for success.

We provide a range of online or offline programmes or a mix of both. And, we can tailor options to suit your needs. Choose from:

MYTRIPS – For High-Performing Individuals

  • Discover the life changes you want, then plan for a better future
  • Surround yourself with a community of like-minded, growth-oriented people
  • Easily work your way through the TRIPS™ framework
  • Design a 90-day plan, aligned to your vision for long-term success
  • Create your own personal blueprint to enjoy more energised and fulfilled days success

TeamTRIPS – Converting High Performers into a High-Performing Team

  • We facilitate members to better understand themselves and each other
  • Your team can do this by:
    1. establishing genuine trust
    2. having real conversations about priorities
    3. committing to change as a team
    4. holding each other accountable
    5. reviewing results objectively

LeaderTRIPS – for established leaders who aspire to even greater success

  • Leadership starts with being a leader to yourself
  • If you’re not connecting with who you are and how to tap into your best self, it’s futile trying to tap into the best of others
  • Our Group Coaching programmes provide leaders the opportunity to establish a supportive cohort within their organisation
  • Sharing learnings from challenges and successes alike