The Long Wait is Nearly Over (part 1 of 2)

It has been about six months since the idea struck me.

At the time, I was going through a tough period. After two years of ‘Green-Lights’, as Matthew McConnaughey puts it in his book, I hit a ‘red-light’ suddenly.

Green-Lights: Business had been thriving. We completed a long-overdue renovation of our home. Friends and family were fit and healthy (which hadn’t always been the case in recent times). I felt fit too, mentally and physically. We took an extended break over the summer taking the kids on our first overseas family summer holiday for a month, before enjoying more time off in the west of Ireland.

I openly acknowledged the ideal conditions at the time. I was grateful for them.

From a business perspective, firms wanted to invest in their people’s wellbeing and development for a number of reasons.

  • The Great-resignation was driven by a lack of purpose/meaning in people’s roles – we helped leaders and their teams identify and leverage purpose and meaning in their work.
  • Post-lockdown, people craved human-centred work connections – we facilitated that.
  • Overworked leaders and mid-managers were sucked back into the ‘doing’ to fill voids left by those who resigned – we helped them prioritise and manage the adversity they faced.

Red-Light: In early 2023 a few things shifted, gathering pace as the year progressed, until I hit the red light post-summer.

  • The tech industry’s layoffs gathered pace and filtered through to other sectors and the wider economy.
  • AI hit the mainstream and caused more panic than excitement.
  • Geo-political challenges infected our collective psyche, upsetting our sense of humanity and trust in each other.

As the tech firms stopped instructing their professional services providers (the law firms, consultancy practices, accountancy firms etc), these practices became more vigilant of their profit margins as they were squeezed.

They wanted their employees utilisation rates optimised, which meant less time for learning and more time for client work.

How did this impact me, and TRIPS Tank?

I’ll address that in Part 2 next week. The long wait continues!

Watch this space!