School’s Out!! Remember that Feeling?

School’s out for the summer!!

Do you remember that buzz of a feeling on the last day of the school term?

I used to have this giddiness fluttering away in my tummy, married to a sense of relief (if exams had been taken) and adventure. All of this led to me feeling free and alive.

A question was put to us in a group recently, then followed by another couple of questions as follows:

  1. When do you feel most alive?
  2. Thinking about the experiences that make you feel most alive, are you content with the level of these experiences you currently have in your life?
  3. If the answer to 2 is Yes, awesome. If not, then what impact could more of these ‘alive experiences’ have on your life.

What do these questions bring up for you?

As opposed to there being one big thing for me, I considered a range of various experiences/activities involving;

  • the kids, Ciara, and family, through to,
  • the tangible and intangible impact of coaching, along to,
  • my ‘me time’ solo experiences and activities, and finally,
  • great experiences with friends, typically involving music, sport and/or travel.

And yes, when I am in the right place/headspace, I am content with the extent/level of these experiences.

BUT if I’m preoccupied, stressed and agitated – I won’t appreciate many of these experiences to the same extent.

Having collected the kids from their last day of school yesterday, it brought up the memory of ‘most alive’ from my past, the day school finished.

We went to Coliemore Harbour for a pier jump and a swim (both jumping into the sea and swimming with ‘Aquagirl Edie’ made my list of answers to the question above).

As I jumped in, I felt the feeling. As Edie and I swam back to the ladder, I got the feeling. As I watched Nico exploring underwater, I got that feeling.

I wonder has this question opened me up to being more aware of present/past moments that make me feel most alive? I think so. It was timely.

And for a balanced experience of my day, let me add this. When I got back to the house and tried to get back to work, my mind went elsewhere. When Nico interrupted me to help him with something, I was irritated. I helped him, but it didn’t resolve his problem. He got annoyed and then I did too.

We can expect so much from our kids;

  • To understand what they’re feeling, when they’ve a limited capacity for that at their age
  • To know what I know, because I’ve said it to them before
  • Not to interrupt me even though I invited them to play 30 mins before
  • Not to act spoiled by asking for ‘more’ when they’ve had a good time/experience (who doesn’t do that from time to time?)

They’re not the problem, my unrealistic expectations are the problem. And that’s within my control.

So as the school holidays impact you in your home, or not, what makes you feel most alive?

And knowing that, what mindset gives you an ‘all-access pass’ to optimising those experiences?