Offer…Available IF You’ve Worked with a TRIPS Tank Coach Previously

Lucy has added so much value in a short space of time.  She freshened things up for us all simply by being herself. Her unique energy shifted our collective energy.

I’m talking about the coaching group I facilitate for a small group of people, called the TRIPS Tank Community.

Lucy worked with me on a 1:1 basis a few years ago. We have stayed in touch since.

Last year Lucy reached out to me because she wanted to explore how we might be able to work together again. Whilst 1:1 coaching was appealing, it’s a decent old investment.

Because we had worked together before, I asked Lucy if she’d like to consider joining the Community.

She wanted a bit of structure around her, a framework to plug into. She wanted accountability and support in clarifying and pursuing certain goals and intentions in various areas of her life, personally and professionally. She wanted a sense of belonging, a connection to a group of like-minded people.

In an age where it’s easy to feel isolated, the Community acts as a sort of tribe. Clichéd as it may be, it works!

I don’t offer access to the Community to people who haven’t been through a coaching assignment with me or another TRIPS Tank coach. That’s out of respect to existing members of the community. If you’re a good fit, it will have been evident in a coaching engagement. It’s not a perfect filter, but it’s the best one I can think of.

Who’s in the Community?

Their ‘professional identities’ can be described as….a business owner from Wales, an Irish entrepreneur, a solopreneur / coach (not me), a partner in a law firm, an MD of a global management consultancy, an MD of a global financial services company, the owner of a corporate finance business, a senior property finance exec, the leader of an Irish SME and a marketing director.

Their ‘relationship identities’ are…parents of young kids, teens and grown up kids, life partners/spouses, an amazing single mum, kind siblings, children of ageing parents, supportive friends and caring community members.

But what matters most to me is neither their professional nor their relationship identities. As you can see, those are varied and that diversity is valued and appreciated. What I love about them is that every week they show up for themselves. Only then can they show up for each other, or for those who matter most to them in life. I focus on them filling up their own cup first. Guilt-free every week. Time for them to focus on their own agenda.

We do that by mapping and tracking annual, quarterly and weekly intentions and goals across the key areas of their lives. Whilst the categories are theirs to choose, typically they fall into the following:

1 – Body – physical wellbeing including sleep, exercise, nutrition, hydration etc
2 – Mindset – emotional, spiritual, psychological wellbeing – anything affecting your relationship with yourself.
3 – Business – career, meaning, fulfilment, leadership, legacy.
4 – Connections – relationships with friends and family, communities, giving back.

Each week we do the following:

  • Share a plan for the week in the areas above, with ONE THING highlighted as a key focus.
  • Have a group coaching call (see below).
  • Wednesday wins – post 3 wins on a Wednesday, things you’re grateful for or results you’re happy with.
  • Friday wrap up – considering how you executed your Monday plan, and its results…what went well, what didn’t, what did you learn and what will you do differently as a consequence?

The group coaching call can focus on any of the following (not exhaustive):

    • General updates, meaningful conversations.
    • Guest expert eg: mental fitness expert, parental coaching expert, ex-pro athlete, creative skills expert, and so on.
    • Quarterly reviews, check-ins and goal setting sessions.
    • Topics of interest, shared challenges or opportunities.
    • Coaching from yours truly on a pressing matter.

    I don’t advertise/market this Community normally, so I don’t have a brochure for it. This is it.
    If we’ve worked together and you want to know more, just reply to this email if you’re serious about joining. For clarity, it’s €120 (ex-VAT) per month. That’s a fraction of 1:1 coaching. The benefits are different but exceptional. You get to tap into the wisdom of a peer group of great minds.

    You also get access to our TRIPS Tank digital courses which have videos, lessons and exercises in the subjects that you’d have been exposed to in our coaching….and much more.
    For the next 4 weeks, we’re all redrafting our 3-5 year Visions for our personal and professional lives.

    I’m sure some of the guys would be happy to be contacted if you’re looking to understand more from them about their own experience. If you’re genuinely serious about joining..