Mind…Your Courtyard

We moved out of our house in April 2022 whilst it was being renovated. We moved back home in September 2022.

We then did the usual thing of working with the builder to sort out the usual snags over the following few months.

Then we chilled out and enjoyed Christmas.

This meant that we left the outdoor areas (front garden, courtyard inside our gate and back garden) to be completed some other time.

Last summer we decided to take some extended time off and enjoy ourselves as a family in ways we hadn’t done before. This used up our budget for the outdoor areas, specifically the courtyard.

We tested a few colours on the wall, but apart from that – nothing. Nico used it as a basketball court. It looked like this.

A couple of months ago, Ciara decided to lead and manage Project Courtyard. Like any good leader, she knew her strengths and embraced the support of others where she lacked experience, skills or strengths.

We had a deadline – this weekend – due to a family gathering.

Now it looks like this.

When you walk off the road, you enter our property through a gate and into the Courtyard.

Our home office, the kitchen (with sliding windows, the hallway and the kids TV room all face on to the courtyard.

When you walk out of our bedrooms, you enter the hallway which looks onto the courtyard.

The courtyard is central to the house.

Its transformation has transformed our experience of living in this house.

This got me thinking about it. When something is so central to your experience, it’s of great value to nourish it.

What’s the equivalent of the courtyard in your life?

In mine, it’s my mindset. If my mindset is off, my whole experience is too.

When my mindset is curious, expansive, accepting and growth oriented – so is my experience.

A very quick nod Ciara. She gets sh!t done without compromising on quality.