Lifting the Lid on Leadership in Thriving Organisations

I was wondering recently, what interests you? So I asked. And you answered.

You read my weekly newsletters (these emails) because you’re interested in how you lead yourself, your team and/or your organisation.

As you may have read in the previous two emails, I’ve now written a paper called ‘Lifting the Lid on Leadership’.

In the paper I explore the subtle shifts evidenced in thriving organisations. Much of the findings relate to how you lead yourself and others. No great surprises there!

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After ten years of coaching like-minded people to you, working in firms like yours, I am more curious than ever about how we live and lead our lives. My curiosity stretches various realms of our being.

  • At work and at home.
  • Out in nature, and in bed while we sleep.
  • In relationships, both personal and professional.
  • In relation to all sorts of goals and/or intentions.

I’ve studied all sorts of related subjects. I love them! I won’t be stopping anytime soon.

We never stop learning, do we?

As we face incredibly complex and challenging times as parents, friends, carers and leaders, is it not more important than ever to be open, to listen and to seek to understand?

So much has changed so quickly. Look at some of the things impacting our collective agenda in recent times …Covid-19, AI, war, economic cycles, interest rates, wellbeing (physical and mental), workplace practices…the list goes on.

It’s full on!

We’re exposed to new frontiers all the time in all walks of life. That’s living. That’s leading.

That’s why I felt it was time to explore and examine what thriving organisations are doing differently to those struggling..

  • How do they lead and empower their people?
  • What do they prioritise, and how?
  • How are they structured, what works well, and why?

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As you lead yourself, your team and/or your organisation through change, I hope this paper helps you connect with yourself and others more effectively.

Let me know if you’d like to discuss any part in more detail.

You know where I am.