Getting Out of Your Own Way

A couple of months ago I wrote that Your Biggest Obstacle in 2024 is You.

Now that Q1 is nearly done and dusted, how are you faring in relation to your 2024 goals and/or intentions?

I’m tracking well in 60% and behind in about 40%.

The reasons I am tracking well, or not, are down to me.

Honestly, if a client said that to me I’d encourage them to be glad and grateful that they’re in control of the change that needs to happen.

But my first reaction inside my own head is…”F#cking hell, you’re still getting in your own way and you do this for a living”.

That’s what most people call the Inner Critic. Or perhaps a bit of Imposter Syndrome.

Last year, I completed a course that put a different label on it, the Self-Saboteur.

The course I completed is on the subject of Positive Intelligence, created by the author of a book of the same name, Shirzad Chamine.

Over a couple of months, we came to learn and understand more about the science (there’s a high level summary available here) underscoring how we get in our own way. I’ll refer to it in next week’s newsletter, as I think it is important, empowering and valuable to develop your knowledge and understanding in this space.

We also learnt tools and techniques to become more aware of our saboteurs, how to navigate them, and how to be more resilient to them over time.

You can become more aware of your own saboteurs by taking this simple online self-assessment. You’ll get your results emailed to you. Feel free to share them with me if you like, along with any questions or insights.

>>Click here to take the self-assessment<<

I’ve fallen short in the final part, building the habits to be more resilient. Here’s what Shirzad says on this website, it rings true for me:

“Most attempts at positive change fail because we stop at insight and don’t build habits. Sustained change towards a more positive mind requires laying down neural pathways to form new habits through consistent daily practice.”

I’m also very aware that my ‘Hyper-achiever’ self-saboteur is joint-highest scorer alongside my ‘Pleaser’. So I won’t be too critical of myself for not building the Sage habits on a “daily” basis. I’ve been doing plenty of work on myself, but not as consistently as I’d have hoped. The results show – that’s the truth. I can change that now as I have the evidence to spur me on.

Life is going to throw up opportunities to learn and improve each and every day. We might as well embrace them!

Like I said, if you’d like to email me your Saboteur report summary, please do.