Full Disclosure…..I started to Drift

Last week I told the members of a coaching group of which I’m a member (not a facilitator) that I felt I was beginning to ‘drift’.

For me, in this context, a ‘drift’ is when I feel less motivated or energised and can feel my productivity slipping. I set myself certain intentions or tasks and I don’t seem to get round to them.

I focus on urgent matters and get them done, not the important non-urgent ones.

I drift…

The members of the coaching group weren’t the first to hear it.

I had already spoken to someone else I’ve got on my Personal Board of Directors (my inner circle of people I trust and rely upon, they don’t necessarily know they’re on my ‘Board’, it’s just for me).

With him the conversation was different. It was pre-drift. I told him I felt the season changing.

(By the way, I wonder if the seasonal aspect of energy/flow is somehow aligned with the Celtic Calendar – if you have anything worth reading or watching on this, please share it with me, thanks).

The season of ‘creating/building’ had come to a natural close:

  • I had finished the paper ‘Lifting the Lid on Leadership’
  • A few large group coaching programmes had been wrapped up
  • I had run the marathon in Madrid
  • We had finished renovating the courtyard
  • We had piloted the Dalkey Immersive coaching experience

The season of ‘living’ had begun:

  • I enjoyed the change in weather
  • I attended the kids sports days
  • I started playing golf
  • I socialised more (and later into the evening!)
  • Between bank holidays and days off for various reasons, I haven’t worked many 5-day weeks.

In recent years I’ve crawled over the finish line into June and July. I was aware of wanting to change that this year.

I want to remain energised and focused up until our family holidays in July, even if I am not creating and building throughout. It doesn’t need to be intense, it can be approached with ease and grace. There’s a way for me to do both.

On Saturday evening, a friend told me that she enjoyed these newsletters. In the discussion, it became apparent that she thinks I come across as very goal-oriented, and ‘on it’.

Most of the time when I meet people and they give feedback on the tone or positioning of this email/newsletter, they refer to openness, vulnerability, acceptance etc. That’s certainly the tone I feel I share, because that’s the way I feel internally and how I increasingly tend to approach things in my life and work.

So, full disclosure! I don’t have it all sussed. I’ve enjoyed a great start to the year but I had a rough end to last year.

I accept the seasonality of energy and other aspects of our being. I can’t, and don’t expect to create/build all the time. I like to live in the moment too.

And I like to be curious about how both can co-exist together.

For June and July, that’s my intention – NOT my goal.

I use goals when I feel the structure helps me get from any point A to point B.

I set intentions when it’s less transactional, and more experiential. More fluid, more playful.

  • How does this idea play out for you?
  • What’s coming up for you as I share my own experience?