Before You Make any BIG Promises

I turned the laptop back on today (Jan 3rd, you’ll receive this email on Jan 4th).

I had a proper break in that I did zero work. And I also had a break from exercise, healthy eating, sobriety and good habits!!

I’m ready for the year ahead now.

Earlier today, I was looking at a couple of different resources to help me clarify my 2024 plans. Sometimes I use my own resources for such things, and sometimes I like to freshen it up.

Paul Gleeson, my good friend and colleague, came to mind as I recalled him posting something on Linked In about the approach he took in recent years.  As I went looking for the post, I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I found what I needed.


“Something must be lost for something to be gained” – Frank Wolf, Paul’s friend, was quoted.

I started to note down all that I could let go of, and what I could gain as a result.

Lost: Phone distraction when working. Gain: Progress and momentum, reward and self-worth.

Lost: People pleasing. Gain: Focus on my agenda and my priorities.

This list goes on.

What can you lose, or let go of, in order to make the necessary gains this year?

Instead of promising yourself the world with big HUGE quantum leap goals, how will you find the space for them first?

Once you create room for change, then gain access to success with baby steps, not massive Hail Mary leaps.

Create the bridge from where you are to where you want to be.

Baby steps. Habitual ones. Meaningful ones.

Focus on what matters to you, not what others say should matter.