An Exciting New Venture

A few years ago I met up with Gerry Hussey, a fellow-coach. 

I wasn’t long back from London at the time. I explained how much I was loving living by the sea in Dublin. We talked about our mutual love for the outdoors and all the benefits it brings. 

As we discussed our ways of working, Gerry had a confused look on his face. 

“You’re clearly at home here in Dublin with the sea, hills, forests and parks in your midst. What’s stopping you from working with your clients outdoors?” 

This was pre-Covid, before ‘walks and talks’ were normalised. 

My initial internal reaction was… ”My clients work in town, it’s convenient for them to meet in their offices or somewhere they’ll be comfortable nearby”. 

I left the meeting and reflected on the challenge more and more. 

Since then, I’ve increasingly worked more and more outdoors with my 1:1 clients. I’ve also embraced the opportunity to be outdoors more myself. 

Working, exercising or simply self-reflecting outdoors in nature is amazing. It allows the noise, internally and externally, to dissipate. We get greater access to ourselves, our inner wisdom and our deeper needs. 

When I paid for and participated in a two-day Leadership Retreat in Kinsale this time last year, facilitated by my friend and TRIPS Tank coach Paul Gleeson*, I had some profound insights into my own needs, self-imposed blockers and ways beyond them. 

I connected with myself. I had clarity. I loved it. 

*The retreat was run by Paul and his colleagues from ‘Below the Line’, an amazing collaboration of people, including Gerry himself. 

As Paul and I worked more and more together recently, we kept thinking of ways we could both work with our clients outdoors. 

Overnight, or longer, retreats are a treat! However, for clients like ours, time-poor leaders with family obligations, they can be hard to commit to. We all have a lot going on. I’m sure you can relate to this.

Paul and I wanted to create an opportunity for people to do this closer to home, in a day.   

A month ago, we decided to jump right in. We decided to pilot a day’s Immersive Coaching Retreat in Dalkey. 

What’s ‘immersive’ in this sense? 

It’s where you immerse yourself in physical activity outdoors, self-reflecting, being coached and afforded time and space to tune into your own needs along the way. ‘Noise and interference’ drifts away, enabling you to reconnect with yourself.. 

Last Friday we facilitated just such an experience for a group of likeminded leaders. It was incredibly well received by them. Paul and I absolutely LOVED it. We all did. 

Here are some pics.

We’re gathering feedback from the participants this week. We hope to share their feedback with you next week.

As we’ve shared the day’s concept and experience with friends, colleagues and peers in conversation over the past week, the interest and demand has been beyond encouraging.

People want and need this.

For themselves, for their teams, for their friends and family.

So for now, let me ask you one simple question, with two options, please reply and state your preference from these two options:

Do you want to register your interest in a day’s Immersive Coaching Retreat?

  • Reply “Open Group” – as part of an Open Group (you can bring friends, colleagues or family too).
  • Reply “Work Group” – for your team or colleagues.

More details next week, we just want to know this much for now so that we can plan for the summer months ahead.

It’s so invigorating to connect with yourself in the right way, in the right environment. We’re doing it so that you can too.