A Colonoscopy and a Q2 Review

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Colonoscopies are not everyone’s idea of fun. You fast, your drink Moviprep which empties you. You stay close to a toilet and then you fast some more when you wake up the following day.

Oddly, I found the whole process on Sunday/Monday quite refreshing. I don’t usually get to lie down from 4pm on a Sunday reading and watching football in bed!

There’s a history of colon cancer in my family. It was important to get checked and the results were all positive.

The good news, alongside about 30 hours of fasting left me feeling cleansed and primed for another quarter. But I can’t plan ahead until I take stock of where I am. So I began my review of Q2 on Monday evening.

Last week, I’d have thought my Q2 had been average enough. I felt it had started well but petered out a bit in the end.

As mentioned before, I run the TRIPS Tank Coaching Community, and I am a member of another private coaching circle run by someone else.

James, who runs the coaching circle I am a member of, posted a video account of his Q2 review. I was really motivated by watching his review over the weekend. He had grown in so many different ways across the main areas we track and measure.

  1. Body – all things physical wellbeing (sleep, health, fitness, hydration, nutrition, mobility, flexibility etc)
  2. Mindset – emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual wellbeing (how you relate to yourself, others and the world around you)
  3. Connections – the relationships with those who matter most to you in life
  4. Business – all things career, work and financial wellbeing

In the TRIPS Tank Community, I provide a similar structure but leave it to the ladies and gents to choose their own areas, and call them whatever they please.

I am consistently delighted at how much better the Weekly/Quarterly/Annual period has been after having reflected on it. I usually forget lots of the wins and lots of the lessons from the setbacks until I do the review.

Like a sea swim, I’ve never regretted doing a review.

So you’d think I’d have expected the same this time. Nope!

I was SO SURPRISED at both how much I had achieved and how much I had learned (mostly from failing at something, acting like a gobshite or not getting on with things).

I’m not sure what being so surprised says about me, but let’s suspend that for a moment and focus on you!

It really hits home.

Taking stock and reviewing how you’ve been, what you’ve done and what you have in terms of learnings and results is so supportive. It helps you live well and perform better.

If you haven’t yet, give it a go. Try this simple framework, choose whichever bullets are relevant to you.

  • Revisit any goals or intentions you set for yourself. Did they remain a priority, or lose relevance and potency?
  • In terms of the elements within your control, what went well and what didn’t?
  • Open your calendar and check what you actually did in work and elsewhere – remind yourself of where your time was spent.
  • Open your phone, look at your photos in your camera roll. What memories get revived?
  • Break your life into the key areas you want to track (use above recommendation if you don’t have strong preferences) and highlight all the wins and learnings.
  • How does this inform you about where your attention and intention might be best placed in Q3/Q4 and beyond?

Rob Magee, member of the TRIPS Tank Coaching Community, said this after his Q2 Review:

“A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped me get there by supporting and listening. The power of focus, and talking about it three times a week, really makes important sh!t happen.”

If you haven’t yet, find your tribe of like-minded people. It works.